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The car that was once the quintessential image of the American Dream is all but dead - at least for most people. Station wagons were America’s "workhorses on wheels." Today, they conjure images of outdated family photos, over-sized hairdos and unfashionable wooden siding. There are some, however, who still cling to these vehicles and what they stand for in American culture. Wagonmasters, a full-length documentary film, offers glimpses into the lives of such wagon enthusiasts, and tells the story of the station wagon as it represents a changing America over the last one hundred years.

Webisode No. 2: “The Personal Touch”

Tracy Caldwell, (a.k.a. DJ Munchy) bought his ’85 Crown Vic for $1,000 … with only 30,000 miles! No rims on this baby though – he likes it all original.

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Wagon Widows #4: The Crickets, The Kingsmen, and more…

December 17, 2011 It occurred to me that an original, card-carrying Wagon Owner may come across the idea of making a documentary about station wagons and ask, why? Why, pray tell, would you make a movie about station wagons? And … Continue reading

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Wagon Widows #3: Wagons, Wagons Everywhere…

December 11, 2011 The only downside to all this? (And, to some if not most, this is probably not a downside, but fellow Wagon Widow Clair Baxter and I certainly feel this pain…) Everything, and I do mean everything, now … Continue reading

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Wagon Widows #2: So, how in the world…?

November 25, 2011 How did all this station wagon filming get started, you ask? Well, if you want to go all the way back… On December 22, 1985, Christopher Michael Zaluski was born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zaluski at … Continue reading

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Wagon Widows Post 1: The Life of the Camera Man’s Other Half

November 22, 2011 It’s hot- sweltering in fact. My clothes have not been washed for weeks, and there is little food. Dust swirls in and around our nostrils, and our ride is bumpy. My sick child moans. I wonder if … Continue reading

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